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Published: Wed, 02/10/16

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Nichrome Loops for Fused Jewelry

At a recent Kiln Formed Bead Workshop, students asked for recommendations about nichrome wire weight and loop type for different kinds of beads.  I thought I'd pass those along to you as well, hopefully they will come in handy!  Generally I prefer to use 20 gauge Nichrome wire for jewelry.  However, you can use 22 gauge for staple and twisted eye pin styles for small beads and dangles.
Loop Type Uses
Staple- single or double sided (double
sided can look like an S shape)
Single sided
Earring beads
light weight charms
small ornaments
bail beads
medium weight charms

Double Sided
Bracelet Beads
Windchime components
Eye Pin - Single or double ended
Single Sided
Small charms
Earring beads
small pendants
small chime components

Double Sided
beads for necklaces

Twisted Eye Pin - Single or double ended
Single Sided
Heavy pendants
charms for bracelets
Heavy duty chimes

Double sided
Beads for bracelets


Look for tutorials over the next two weeks showing how to use each of these in actual projects.  Thanks for reading, and have a lovely week.

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