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Published: Fri, 01/22/16

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Making Molds for Plaster Forms

We've had several tutorials recently about fusing with plaster forms.  So far we've been using commercially available molds available online or from the craft store.  It's not only possible to make your own molds, but quite easy.  Here are 3 mold making compounds I've used, with their pros and cons.
Mold-n-pour Mold-N-Pour (2 Part Silicone Putty Mold)
This mold material is two parts, which you knead together and then press on your original. 

-it sets up rapidly, can be used immediately
-it leaves no residue on the master
-excellent for small molds

-quite expensive
-not great for large molds
Sculpey Mold Maker Sculpey Mold Maker (oven bake mold material)
Similar to Sculpey polymer clay, but more flexible.

-less expensive
-easy to use
-relatively quick
-excellent for small molds

-master has to be coated with starch
-molds have to be baked
Latex Mold Builder Liquid Latex Mold Builder
This mold material is brushed on in layers and reinforced with gauze.

-not expensive
-works for large molds
-contains latex
-stinks like you wouldn't believe
-takes a long time to build a mold

When you are making your own molds, here are some other factors to consider:
  • It's best not to use delicate or irreplaceable objects as mold masters.
  • Follow all safety and usage directions
Have fun, and thanks for reading!

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