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Published: Fri, 01/08/16

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Mica Decals on Fused Glass Donuts

I love donuts, both the edible kind and the fused glass kind.  Last month I had a big stack of large bangle sized donuts waiting to be fused in the shop and I wondered if I could add some sparkle during fusing.  It worked so well I thought I would share it with you.

Start with donuts and mica water slide decals.  The decals need to be the kind that will survive fusing temperatures (very important).  Follow the directions on the decals about how to float the decal off the paper backing.

I added some small strips of decal to different donuts in different ways to see what would happen.

Mica decals on the inside of the donut:

Mica decal wrapped around the donut:

Then I fired them to a full fuse:

I think they look fabulous, I hope your new year is filled with fun fusing and delicious donuts!

Thank you for reading,

Jodi McRaney Rusho
Glass With a Past

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