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Published: Sat, 11/02/13


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What a Great Saw Blade Can Do For You
This year has been the Year of the New Tile Saw for me.  My trusty saw that I had for 7 years finally needed to be replaced, so I bought this saw in February:
 And if I can only tell you one thing, it's do not buy this saw.  It is a terrible piece of equipment for many reasons, none of which we will cover today.  I also bought the $26 glass tile saw blade from Home Depot to use with it.  After hating this saw for 6 months, I bit the bullet and bought this saw:
with an accompanying MK Diamond Glass Blade, which currently runs about $100.  This saw is a beautiful piece of equipment and has been a 'game changer' tool for me. I'll show you why.

Here is a bottle cut with the cheap blade:
It doesn't look SO bad.  Here's one cut with the new blade:
and here are some donuts cut with the new blade and the old blade:
Now I'm going to fuse all of those things:
Here is the fused edge of the blue glass sawn on the old saw.  And here is the yellow glass sawn on the new saw after fusing:
And here are the fused donuts:
Are you convinced yet?  That fancy tile saw blade has saved me hours of time and frustration, I have a 99.9% success rate with my donuts now, which is awesome!  If the initial cost seems too steep, think about how much time you are spending dealing with jagged edges, and how many things are unusable because they fuse badly due to rough saw cuts.  It may be more economically feasible than you think!
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